Everything you should know about nuts

Everything you should know about nuts

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We have been hearing for years that nuts are fattening and therefore generating myths around a very interesting food nutritionally speaking. In this blog you will find everything you need to know about nuts and in particular, hazelnuts.

Numerous studies show the importance for health of their daily consumption and the specific benefits for the heart and circulatory system, always in the context of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

In addition to being delicious, nuts are an important source of vegetable protein, fiber, minerals and fatty acids such as omega-3, which are essential for our body.

As an interesting fact, we know that the fiber contained in nuts helps prevent constipation and inhibits the digestive absorption of cholesterol from other foods. In addition, between 10-26% of the composition of nuts is protein and within the same, highlights its richness in arginine, an amino acid that helps reduce the risk of hypertension. 

Although it is true that due to its abundance in fats its calories are usually between 550 - 720kcal per 100 grams (with the exception of chestnuts that contain about 210kcal per 100 grams), it cannot be said that it is a fattening food by itself. As always, it is necessary to analyze the context of each person and it is not possible to relate the consumption of nuts and dried fruits with the appearance of overweight, obesity or weight gain, in fact, the opposite effect could be seen due to its high satiating power.

Being a food that provides so many calories through a "small" portion, they are a very interesting food for athletes, especially high-intensity athletes who have higher energy requirements. 

Taking advantage of the fact that our hazelnut cream is already available, we are going to talk about them!

  • Several studies claim that hazelnuts can help in the prevention of cognitive dementia due to their richness in vitamin E which is related to a lower cognitive impairment as well as contributing to the improvement of cardiovascular health as they are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help control cholesterol levels and maintain the health of blood vessels. 

  • Hazelnuts reduce blood lipid levels and homocysteine, an amino acid that in large quantities can damage the lining of the arteries and increase the risk of blocking blood vessels. 

  • They can be related to the reduction and improvement of overweight since they have a great satiating power due to their contribution in healthy fats and, therefore, this has an impact on the decrease in the consumption of other much less interesting foods. 

  • A recommended consumption of hazelnuts will activate our defenses. 

  • They are the nut richest in omega 9 and omega 6 fatty acids.

  • An adequate consumption of hazelnuts will help us to strengthen our muscles and to fix calcium in the bones due to its magnesium content.

Do you still have doubts about whether you should consume nuts or any of our nut creams?

One of the most frequent mistakes when you want to lose weight is to eliminate nuts. And although it is true that they are caloric and that there are more or less interesting ways to consume them, it is also true that with very little quantity they satiate a lot. Therefore, taking them in moderation is even advisable to maintain weight and can be consumed in nutritional guidelines where the goal is fat loss.

Having said that, we must take into account that a reasonable portion of nuts consumption is 20-30gr but there are many ways to present them.

The least interesting forms and that we should avoid completely are fried, sweetened, caramelized or excessively salted nuts and we have to prioritize their consumption in the most natural way possible.

Consuming them uncooked is the best option if we want to get more nutritional properties, but today we know that, if there are digestive problems or if the digestions are usually heavy, taking them toasted or in the form of cream can help us.

So now you know, lose the fear of their consumption and enjoy all the benefits that nuts provide us!

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