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Infusion 150gr

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Description: The Protella infusion is delicately harvested with care in the plantation. Looks, tastes and smells like Venezuela. It is a sensory experience. This is our cocoa, unique. Scientifically proven to be the best in the world for exceeding global standards of excellence.

Cocoa nibs resulting from roasting and husking of cocoa beans. With an intense chocolate smell, you can drink the sweetest drink without feeling guilty.

What are the benefits of taking it? It satisfies the anxiety to eat and gives the body a dose of happiness in the form of sweet. It has no calories.

Recommended employment method: 3-8gr. by infusion

Nutritional values: 0kcal, 0% sugar, 0% fat and 0% Carbohydrates

Ingredients: 100% cocoa grown and harvested in Venezuela.

Allergensgluten, soy, lactose and nuts

Conservation: Store between 18-20 degrees and a maximum of 60% relative humidity, preserved from aromatic substances. Consume preferably before 24 months.


Tradition, passion, taste

Committed to the environment

Palm Oil FREE, NO added Sugar.

Gourmet quality

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