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zoom Teriyaki Zero Sauce 350g
zoom Teriyaki Zero Sauce 350g

Teriyaki Zero Sauce 350g ‚ā¨3,89


Teriyaki Zero Sauce 350g is an impressive culinary option for those looking for bold and exotic flavors without compromising their diet. This Japanese sauce, famous for its balanced combination of sweet and savory flavors, has been reformulated in this "Zero" version to meet the needs of the health-conscious.

With a net weight of 350g, this sauce is low in calories, making it ideal for those who are trying to maintain or reduce their weight. Unlike traditional versions of Teriyaki sauce, this variant contains no added fat or sugar. This means you can enjoy the rich flavor of Teriyaki sauce without the guilt associated with ingredients that may be less. healthy.

✅Weight Control: Zero Teriyaki Sauce, being low in calories and having no added sugars, can help maintain a healthy weight. 

‚úÖBlood Glucose Control: As it does not contain added sugars, Zero Teriyaki Sauce is a good option for people who need to control their blood sugar levels. blood, like diabetics.

‚úÖCardiohealthy: By not containing palm oil, this sauce can help maintain a healthy heart. Palm oil is high in saturated fat, which, when consumed in excess, can increase the risk of heart disease.

‚úÖGuilt-Free Flavor: Well-being also means enjoying food. With Teriyaki Zero Sauce, you can add great flavor to your dishes without feeling guilty about consuming less healthy ingredients.

‚úÖSupport Digestive Health: Some ingredients in Teriyaki Zero Sauce, such as vinegar, can help improve digestion.

‚úÖSustainability: Although not a direct health benefit, the fact that Zero Teriyaki Sauce does not contain palm oil contributes to environmental sustainability, which can have a positive impact on overall well-being by helping to protect the planet.

Ingredientes: Agua, Salsa Teriyaki 10% (agua, az√ļcar, salsa soja japonesa 10%, (agua, habas de SOJA desgrasadas, TRIGO tostado, sal, alcohol), almid√≥n modificado de ma√≠z, pasta de habas de soja 1%, (agua, habas de soja, arroz, sal), pur√© de jengibre 1% pasta de extracto de levadura (extracto de levadura, sal), corrector de acidez (√°cido c√≠trico) y colorante (caramelo), espesante (almid√≥n modificado), estabilizante (goma xantana), colorante (caramelo E-150D), sal, conservante (sorbato pot√°sico) y edulcorante (sucralosa).

Tabla Nutricional cada 100gr: Calor√≠as 28kcal/115kj | Grasas 0g | De las cuales saturadas 0g | Hidratos de Carbono 3,6g | Az√ļcar 2,9g | Prote√≠nas 0,2g | Sal 1,7g

Conservaci√≥n: Conservar en un lugar fresco y seco. Vida √ļtil 13 meses desde su envasado. Preservar de los rayos solares. Una vez abierto mantener en refrigeraci√≥n y consumir antes de 31 d√≠as.