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Peptan¬ģ Hydrolyzed Collagen 300g

Get ready to shine

‚ā¨19,75 ‚ā¨32,90

"Full GYM" Pack

Strength and recovery

‚ā¨60,95 ‚ā¨67,80
Ver M√°s

Whey Protein Choco Latte 1kg

Chocolate energy


Pack "Vitamin Complex"

Energy and radiant skin

‚ā¨65,50 ‚ā¨72,80

Pre-Workout Sour Punch 280g

Energetic and stimulating pre-workout to improve physical performance with an acidic touch.


Creatine Creapure¬ģ Lollipop 300g

Improve your performance


"Full GYM +Energy" Pack

Maximum performance

‚ā¨90,60 ‚ā¨100,70
Ver M√°s

Whey Protein Black Cookie 1kg

Superior Nutrition


High quality products with seals that verify it


We take pride in offering our customers the highest quality products. For this reason, we ensure that our creatines contain Creapure®, a globally recognized brand that symbolizes purity and superior quality.

Creapure® creatine is known for its rigorous manufacturing process in Germany, which guarantees a product free of impurities and with a 99.9% concentration of creatine monohydrate. This means that with every dose of our creatine, you're getting virtually pure creatine to support your performance and recovery goals.


Sucramix¬ģ represents one sweet calorie-free alternative backed by science. Beyond its pleasant taste, scientific research has consistently shown that sucralosa, the key ingredient in Sucramix¬ģ, may be an option healthier compared to traditional sugar.

Sucramix¬ģ represents one science based choice for those looking to reduce their sugar consumption without compromising taste. With our alternative no calorie sweetener, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without worrying about the negative impact on your health.


In our commitment to offer products of high quality and effectiveness, we are pleased to announce that our Whey Protein and healthy chocolate creams they contain DigeZyme¬ģ, a unique blend of digestive enzymes.

DigeZyme¬ģ is a multi-enzyme complex developed by the leading biotechnology company, Sabinsa Corporation. This premium ingredient consists of five enzymes that promote a healthy and efficient digestion, which helps to maximize the absorption of nutrients from our products.


In our constant search for excellence and quality, we are pleased to inform that our collagen powder includes Peptan¬ģ, a global leader in food ingredients high quality collagen.

Peptan¬ģ is more than just collagen. Made in France under strict production standards, Peptan¬ģ is a type of bioactive collagen that has been optimized to offer multiple health benefits. It is recognized for its purity, high bioavailability and exceptional nutritional properties.


We allow you to enjoy without regrets

No added sugars

Do not give up the sweet, we have prepared for you a wide alternative of products without added sugars, so that you can continue enjoying.

High in protein

In our range of products, each product has been carefully formulated to provide not only a delight to the palate, but also a substantial source of protein.

No palm oil

We make our products without palm oil and without all those harmful ingredients that exist.


We do not believe in sacrificing flavor for health. Our products are proof that a high nutritional value can be combined with an incomparable flavor.

Made in Spain

Our passion for quality and flavor has led us to create our own factory. Our products are made in Spain, using the highest quality ingredients.


We have IFS, Halal and Kosher, which guarantee that our manufacturing meets quality requirements and standards at each stage of production.

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