Protein Molded Bread 400g

Low carbohydrate and high protein bread.


Protein Rolls Salted Caramel 70g

Balanced sweetness


ZERO Curry Sauce 350g

A burst of exotic flavor, without the guilt.


Original Oatmeal 1kg

The secret to delicious and nutritious recipes.


Cookie Oatmeal 1kg

Turn your recipes into a healthy and delicious feast with the familiar taste of cookies.


Protella¬ģ Choco Hazelnut 250g

Muscle recovery


Protella¬ģ Pistachio Bomb 200g

70% pistachio and 20% protein


Protella¬ģ Strawberry Cheesecake 250g

Powerful nutrition with a tart flavor


American Cookies 45gr

American flavor in small size


Protein Sticks 180g

Nutritious sticks


Chocolate Drops 220g

Small drops with 60% pure cocoa, without added sugar or palm oil.


Strawberry Marmalade 170g

Enjoy the natural sweetness of strawberries


Protein Crunchies White 550g

Protein explosions in the form of balls, bathed in a waterfall of soft white chocolate.


Protein Rolls Black Cookies 70g

Wafers filled with black cookie


Protein Rolls Original 70g

Delicatessen in protein version


ZERO Barbecue Sauce 350g

The spark that your kitchen needs, with all the classic BBQ flavor, but without added sugar or fat.


ZERO Rancherita Sauce 350g

The essence of the ranch in every drop, with a flavor that conquers and a recipe that takes care of you.


ZERO Sweet and Sour Sauce 350g

A harmonious dance between sweet and spicy, which seduces your palate without a single false step.


ZERO Mustard Sauce 350g

This delicious sauce adds flavor and style to your dishes without adding weight.


Big Burger ZERO Sauce 350g

Transform your dish into a gourmet experience that does not weigh on your conscience.


ZERO Ketchup Sauce 350g

The healthy version of the traditional sauce that we have all tried.


Teriyaki Zero Sauce 350g

Embark on a journey with an oriental flavor without the weight of calories.


Protella American Cookie 250gr

Indulge without guilt


Protella¬ģ White Choco 250g

Pleasant nutrition


Protella¬ģ Black Cookie 250g

Enjoy healthy


Protella¬ģ BonBon Crisp 250g

Pleasure and performance


Pack "Best Sellers Cream"

Protein creams

‚ā¨25,50 ‚ā¨30,00

Black Cookies 70g

Mystery in every bite


Mix Protein Crunchies 550gr

A wonderful duet of protein balls, dressed in both white chocolate and classic chocolate.


King Cookies 70g

Majesty in every bite


Joe's Peanut Butter 350g

100% peanut


Pack "Perfect Breakfast"

Start with strength

‚ā¨37,00 ‚ā¨41,20

Protein Rolls Pack

Do you like all the flavors of healthy neulas and don't know which one to get? Here is your solution.

‚ā¨8,90 ‚ā¨10,50

Protein Crunchies Dark Temptation 550g

In each ball, an intense hug of dark chocolate envelops the pea and rice protein.


Peach Marmalade 170g

72% fruit, gluten and lactose free


Protein Crunchies Triple Chocolate 550g


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