"Snacks Discovery" Pack

Wellness in every bite

‚ā¨35,95 ‚ā¨40,00

Protein Molded Bread 400g

Low carb bread


American Cookies 45gr

Take them anywhere


King Cookies 70g

Majesty in every bite


Black Cookies 70g

Mystery in every bite


Protein Sticks 180g

Nutritious sticks


Protein Rolls Black Cookies 70g

Protein Delicatessen


Protein Rolls Salted Caramel 70g

Protein Delicatessen


Protein Rolls Original 70g

Protein Delicatessen


Chocolate Bunnies 120g

Chocolate filled buns


Cream Bunnies 120g

Cream filled buns


x16 King Cookies

The Kings' Snack

‚ā¨42,90 ‚ā¨47,68

x16 Black Cookies

Dark elegance in flavor

‚ā¨42,90 ‚ā¨47,68

Protein Fajitas 160g

Enhanced Tex-Mex experience


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