Currently we are tired of hearing that we have to consume ‚Äúx‚ÄĚ food because it is a superfood, food that perhaps until now we had not even hated to talk about and that at the same time, the situation is used to sell it to a high price and not accessible to all of usūüöę

While it is true that there are countless healthy and nutritionally interesting foods one of the best foods are legumes.

Legumes are a very satiating food due to their high fiber content which allows us to control our blood pressure. In this way, prevents the risk of being overweight and obese and maintains recommended cholesterol levels. In turn, these levels of fiber that legumes contain, allow us to go to the bathroom more regularly and avoid the risk of suffering constipation.

By themselves, they allow us to have a balanced dish since provide us with carbohydrates and protein, therefore, it would not be necessary to add another source of protein such as for example, stewed meat or fatty foods that we are used to adding, such as bacon or chorizo, which are less interesting nutritionally speaking.

Furthermore, legumes are a very versatile food, we can take them stewed, in the form of puree, in the form of hummus-type p√Ęt√©, inside a salad... Imagination to power!

Legumes, moreover, help us protect the environment since, if we increase their consumption, we will reduce the consumption of foods of animal origin, one of the main sources of contamination. Athey help prevent animal exploitation, are more sustainable and have no cultural or practically socioeconomic barriers since they are very cheap and practically available to everyone.

‚ö†ÔłŹ It is true that some legumes are an incomplete protein source which means that they do not contain all the amino acids, but let's not fall into the mistake of thinking that, therefore, we must stop consuming them or that they are all the same since soy is comparable to animal protein, in addition to being even healthier as it is a source of vegetable protein and, therefore, not be associated with unhealthy substances of animal origin (such as purines, cholesterol or saturated fats).

What does incomplete protein source mean? It means that there is a deficient amino acid in a food that makes it an incomplete protein source. For example, methionine is the limiting amino acid in legumes, while lysine is found in small quantities in cereals, therefore, we could get that complete protein with the combination of lentils (legumes) with rice (cereal), for example .

We are also tired of hearing that legumes are proteins of low biological value. But do we know what it really means?

This is said because they are lower quality proteins, because they are less digestible and assimilable due to their fiber content, but even so, vegetable proteins can provide all the proteins and amino acids necessary for growth and development optimal, what we have to know is that legumes, vegetables, cereals and seeds must be consumed in an adequate combination so that they provide a balanced supply of amino acids.

Therefore, if you are thinking of improving your diet and would like to know which foods you should prioritize, remember to always have legumes at hand

As a curiosity...Did you know that peanuts and peas are a legume? Try our Peanut Butter 100% peanut and our Protein Crunchies made with peas and riceūüėĀ

Beneficios de las legumbres

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