With the arrival of good weather, we are in a rush to see ourselves better, but you should know that rushing is not good and that its effects can be counterproductive, for this reason, today we bring you 12 tips from our dietician, Mar√≠a de Lluc , to have a healthy diet ūüĆĪ‚ėÄÔłŹ

1- Put yourself in the hands of a professional: If you want to start improving your diet and you don't know where to start, hire a professional to advise you, teach you, accompany you along the way and help you achieve your goal.

2- Enjoy the process: Do not beat yourself up or punish yourself excessively or fall into the mistake of thinking that taking care of yourself or eating a healthy diet is linked to having a bad time, prohibiting ourselves or have to make an extreme effort.

3- Understand that it is a process: You don't want to change habits acquired for years in two days. Be patient and value everything you are doing daily to improve. It's fine to have goals and objectives, but they shouldn't be the only thing to consider. We can have a goal of losing 10kg, but if after 2 weeks we have not lost 10kg we should not get frustrated, we have to value everything we are doing to lose those 10kg and maybe, in 2 weeks we have lost 2kg so congratulate ourselves because now , we only have 8kg left, because we are improving our habits, we are making an investment in our health, we are nourishing ourselves correctly and we feel better about ourselves.

4- Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day: Stay well hydrated, always prioritizing water or infusions. If you tolerate coffee well, you can drink it and limit sugary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

5- Eat 2 servings of vegetables a day: Accompany your main meals with a serving of vegetables. If possible, try to make one of the portions raw and the other cooked, so we make sure that we take advantage of all its nutrients.

6- Add 2 or 3 pieces of fruit a day: Take the opportunity to take it in season and to vary it. It can be a perfect snack, a dessert or a topping for a delicious salad!

7- Do not be afraid of any macronutrient: Do not completely ban any macronutrient unless it is recommended by a professional. We tend to be afraid of certain foods or macronutrients such as carbohydrates or fats, thinking that they will not allow us to achieve our goal and within a well-planned healthy diet, all macronutrients have a place.

8- Consume healthy sources of fat: Take advantage of the privilege of our Mediterranean diet to dress your dishes with olive oil, to consume oily fish, eggs, avocado, fruits nuts or one of our nut creams. To give more flavor to your diet and your life!

9- Eat legumes 2-3 times a week: Legumes are a superfood with a large amount of nutrients. In addition, today we find them already cooked, which makes our lives easier and contains carbohydrates and proteins.

10- Consume whole grains: In the general population it is recommended to consume whole grains, so we take advantage of their nutrients and at the same time, we feel more satiated.

11- Do not underestimate the protein: Make sure that, for your objective and your specific case, you are covering your protein requirements. You can do it through foods such as legumes, eggs, nuts or our nut creams, protein powder such as our Whey Protein, dairy products...

12- Give yourself a treat: Not everything is black and white.It is just as important to follow a healthy diet 90% of the time as it is to understand that if one day we want to treat ourselves, there is room

In summary, a balanced diet allows our body, on the one hand, to function normally and cover all our needs and on the other to have good health, not only physically but also mentally‚ú®


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