zoom Protein Crunchies Mix 550g - Protella¬ģ
zoom Protein Crunchies Mix 550g - Protella¬ģ
zoom Protein Crunchies Mix 550g - Protella¬ģ
zoom Mix Protein Crunchies 550gr

Mix Protein Crunchies 550gr ‚ā¨14,95


Delicious pea and rice protein balls covered in chocolate with hazelnuts and white chocolate ono added sugars and no palm oil. They are a great source of omega 3, B vitamins, folic acid and minerals (phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium).

Give a sweet and healthy touch to your recipes! Decorate pancakes, sponge cakes, crepes, muffins... Whatever you use, our Protein Crunchies Mix is ‚Äč‚Äčthe perfect option for¬†satisfy the desire for chocolate.

‚úÖ Being made with pea and rice protein, these crunchies are a source of high-quality protein. Protein is essential for strong>repair and growthof muscle tissue, especially after exercise.

‚úÖ In addition, protein helps keep you satiated, which can be useful for weight control.

‚úÖ Omega 3 are essential fatty acids known for their role in heart health. It will also help you with your brain health and with the normal functioning of the immune system.

✅ Crunchies contain group B vitamins and folic acid. These are important for energy metabolism and brain function. 

‚úÖ Minerals such as phosphorus, iron, potassium and calcium They are crucial for several bodily functions. Phosphorus and calcium are necessary for bone health, iron helps transport oxygen in the blood, and potassium contributes to fluid balance and function. muscular and nervous.

‚úÖ By not containing added sugars, this will help you keep blood sugar levels stable. and contribute to better dental health.

‚úÖ The elimination of palm oil can be beneficial from an environmental point of view, since its production is associated with deforestation and the loss of habitat for wildlife.

Ingredientes: Cobertura de chocolate 65%: Manteca de cacao, pasta de cacao, edulcorante (maltitol), leche desnatada en polvo, lecitina de soja, aroma de vainilla. 35% de cereal: Proteína de guisante, harina de arroz, aroma de chocolate y sal marina.

Tabla Nutricional cada 100gr: Calor√≠as 490kcal/2051kj | Grasas 24,5g | Saturadas 14,3g | Carbohidratos 45,8g | Az√ļcar 4,9g |