Rice flour is a very versatile type of flour because does not contain gluten and is suitable for celiacs or people who have a certain sensitivity to gluten. In addition, rice flour allows us to make countless recipes such as porridge, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and now that there are rice flours with flavor like the ones we just launched, its use is infinite, we just have to put a little imagination and enjoy!ūüėč

Consuming rice flour will help us have more energy, control our appetite, control our blood glucose levels, our cholesterol levels and have better digestion.

If you are looking for a food rich in carbohydrates and low in fat, rice flour is the best. For those athletes who seek to gain muscle mass, hypertrophy or gain weight, rice flour is a very good option since it is a food of easy assimilation.

When we have to gain muscle mass, it is common that we have to eat many meals throughout the day, we feel heavy and full throughout the day, with little desire to eat large amounts. Here rice flour can be our great ally thanks to its easy absorption that allows us to make different meals without the need for heavy digestion.

Another time of the day when it is also very interesting to add rice flour is before and after training. When we have little time to digest and we need to eat something that we assimilate correctly, that does not feel heavy and allows us to train in a period of 45-60 minutes, we can also resort to rice flour.

A good pre and post workout that is easy to assimilate could be mixing rice flour with protein powder like our Cookie Whey Protein. This food will help us to have the necessary energy to be able to do a good workout without noticing that we are digesting it since it is an easily absorbed food and at the same time, if we take it as a post-workout, it will help us to recover from the training we have done. done.

And you? Are you still hesitating to try our rice creams?ūüėČ

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