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La Rice Cream Joe's Peanut ofrece una experiencia culinaria exquisita con su intenso sabor a cacahuete y textura cremosa. Con un 61% de carbohidratos, esta crema proporciona una fuente de energía sostenible, ideal para cualquier momento del día que requiera un impulso nutritivo y delicioso. Perfecta para disfrutar sola o como complemento de tus recetas favoritas.
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Sweet Charm of Roasted Peanuts

Experience the authentic, robust flavor of peanuts with our Rice Cream Joe's Peanut. This cream captures the deep, natural essence of peanut, giving you 61% carbohydrates for long-lasting, sustained energy. Ideal to start the day strong or as an energizing snack, each spoonful immerses you in a rich and satisfying flavor that perfectly complements any active diet.

61% Carbohydrates

It offers 61% carbohydrates, providing long-lasting and effective energy for your daily activities.

Without Palm Oil

Made without palm oil, reaffirming our commitment to health and sustainability.

0% Added Sugars

Nutritious option free of added sugars, allowing you to enjoy its delicious flavor without glucose spikes.


Joe's Peanut Rice Cream combines the rich, creamy essence of roasted peanuts into a deliciousness that satisfies and energizes with every spoonful.

Lasting Energy: Rich Source of Carbohydrates

Enjoy sustained energy thanks to the high carbohydrate content of our cream. Each serving is designed to release energy gradually, keeping you active and focused throughout the day. Perfect before a workout or as an energy boost in the morning, this cream helps you achieve your daily goals with vitality and without energy drops.

Add 1-2 scoops to a bowl

Add 200-300ml of water

Mix it well and enjoy it

Taking it approximately 30 to 60 minutes before your exercise session will allow you to maximize energy availability when you need it most.

Ingredients: Rice flour, defatted peanuts, lecithin, salt, Sucramix¬ģ and Digezyme¬ģ.


Allergens: gluten, soy, lactose, peanuts and tree nuts. May contain traces of nuts and peanuts, milk, soy derivatives.


Conservation: Store between 18-20 degrees and a maximum of 60% relative humidity, protected from aromatic substances. Preferably consume before 24 months.


Dosis recomendada: 1 scoop

Nutritional values

Per 100g





of which saturates




of which sugars






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