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Discover a true revolution in the universe of sports proteins. It has a brutal and delicious cinnamon roll touch.

Our exclusive formula, made with impeccable 100% whey protein, promises not only optimal nutrition, but an unprecedented sensory experience.

Unlike other options on the market, ours has 0% added sugars, which puts it in a position of excellence in purity and benefits for your health.

It is enhanced with the highest quality protein from Arla, and is complemented with Digezyme, a key ingredient that facilitates gentle digestion and efficient absorption, ensuring that your body gets the best in every dose.

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It is not a normal whey protein.

Our whey proteins are much more than just proteins; They are a commitment to excellence. Composed of 100% pure whey protein and free of added sugars and palm oil, they stand out for the quality of their ingredients, such as DigeZyme¬ģ and Arla, which ensure optimal digestion and absorption. By choosing them, you are not only betting on a high-quality supplement, but also on responsible and sustainable practices in food production. It is the perfect choice for those who value purity, performance and well-being.

The charm of cinnamon roll

Our Cinnamon Roll flavored whey protein captures the comforting and delicious essence of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. With every sip, you'll experience the sweet embrace of cinnamon, blended perfectly with notes of soft dough and a hint of creamy frosting. This flavor not only satisfies your sweet cravings, but also transforms your daily supplementation into a moment of pure indulgence.

When to take protein?

To maximize your results and support muscle recovery, we recommend taking our protein after training.

Ingredientes: Whey Protein, aromas, sucralosa y Digezyme¬ģ.


Allergens: Gluten, soy, lactose and nuts. May contain traces of fish and egg.


Conservation: Store at room temperature and with a maximum of 60% relative humidity, protected from aromatic substances.

Nutritional values

Per 100g


3858 kcal/1626 kj



of which saturates




of which sugars






Why Protella?

1. We are manufacturers

Unlike many competitors, we are genuine manufacturers, allowing us to control every aspect of the production process. Our factory, located in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, is the heart of our operation, where innovation and quality come together to create exceptional products.

2. Constant search for the best flavor

Our innovation team works tirelessly to perfect each recipe, from classic favorites to the most daring creations, always with the goal of satisfying and surprising our customers.

3. Use of the best raw materials

We use world-renowned ingredients such as Creapure¬ģ, Digezyme¬ģ, Lacprodan¬ģ by Arla, Sucramix, among many others, ensuring that each product not only meets, but exceeds our customers' expectations. These elite ingredients reinforce our dedication to innovation and excellence, ensuring that every bite or sip delivers the maximum nutritional benefit and best taste possible.

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