zoom Chocolate Drops 220g - Protella¬ģ
zoom Chocolate Drops 220g - Protella¬ģ
zoom Chocolate Drops 220g - Protella¬ģ
zoom Chocolate Drops 220g
zoom Chocolate Drops 220g

Chocolate Drops 220g ‚ā¨5,95


Drops are dark chocolate drops without added sugar or palm oil that contain 60% cocoa pure. The cocoa used in Drops is harvested with delicacy and care in plantations in Venezuela, this cocoa is scientifically considered the best in the world for exceeding global standards of excellence.

Use them as a topping to complement your favorite desserts and recipes! Satisfy your eating anxiety and give your body a dose of happiness in the form of sweets.

‚úÖThe dark chocolate in the Drops can help increase the levels of serotonin in your brain, which can improve your mood.

‚úÖAs they do not contain added sugars, Drops can be a healthier option to satisfy your sweet tooth without raising your blood sugar levels .

‚úÖDark chocolate has flavonoids, antioxidants that can help protect your heart and arteries.

‚úÖThe compounds in dark chocolate can promote brain health, improving memory and concentration.

‚úÖDrops can satisfy your sweet cravings with fewer calories and fat than other chocolates, helping you to maintain a healthy weight.

‚úÖ By selecting high-quality cocoa from sustainable sources, Drops are helping to protect our planet.

Ingredientes: Cacao, edulcorante (maltitol), manteca de cacao, cacao en polvo desgrasado, emulgente (e-322 lecitina de girasol, e-476) y aroma.

Alérgenos: Nueces, cacahuetes, leche, gluten.

Conservación: Conservar entre 18-20 grados y un máximo de 60% de humedad relativa, preservado de sustancias aromáticas. Consumir preferentemente antes de los 24 meses.

Tabla Nutricional cada 100gr: Calor√≠as 485kcal/2032kj | Grasas 33,9g | Saturadas 21,5g | Carbohidratos 50,3g | Az√ļcar 0,7g | Prote√≠nas 6,8g | Sal 0,7g