With the arrival of good weather and changes in temperature, colds are the order of the day, so today we bring you some nutritional tips to prevent you from catching a cold ‚õĒÔłŹ

First of all, you must be clear that your diet is your medicine and that the way you nourish yourself can be paramount when it comes to getting sick or recovering.

Imagine that, on a daily basis, your body is exposed to different viruses that try to attack it but that it does not have the nutrients or the energy necessary to fight it. How do you think it will react? The answer is clear, you will end up getting sick.

On the other hand, if you take care of your diet, have a good immune system and have the necessary nutrients to be healthy, it is very possible that you can fight it.

Within a healthy diet we should always prioritize a variety of foods that allow us to be healthy, feel good and have energy in our day to day. Within this variety, we have to include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, sources of vegetable and animal protein, quality dairy products and healthy fats.

But‚Ķ What foods can help us fight a cold? ūüĎá

1- Onion: The onion contains antiseptic properties that can help us overcome a cold. In addition to consuming it, for example by making onion soup, if you have a lot of cough or runny nose, cutting an onion into 2 halves and placing it on the bedside table can help alleviate these symptoms. ūüßÖ

2- Kiwi: Contrary to popular belief, kiwi contains almost twice as much vitamin C as an orange, so it would be very interesting to add kiwi to our diet. ūü•Ě

3- Orange or tangerine: Even knowing that kiwi contains more vitamin C, orange or tangerine are still fruits rich in vitamin C which will help us improve our immune system. Remember that whenever you can, it is better to consume the whole piece of fruit than in its juice version. ūüćä

4- Garlic: It is one of the best known foods for its antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal power. ūüߥ

5- Cauliflower: In these situations it is very important that we stay properly hydrated and cauliflower could help us do so due to its high content of water and minerals.

6- Thyme: If you have an infection or suspect it, you can resort to thyme. It has great antibacterial power and favors the expulsion of excess mucus.

7- Egg: Egg protein contains all the essential amino acids, which is why it is considered the best quality protein. In addition, the egg yolk contains a contribution of quality fat, which will be the perfect combination that will help us keep our immune system healthy and strong. ūü•ö

8- Legumes: Legumes are one of the most interesting foods nutritionally speaking, they provide antioxidants, increase our iron levels and strengthen our immune system, therefore, they will reduce the appearance or duration of colds . Our Protein Crunchies would be the perfect option to not give up sweets since they contain pea and rice protein. ūüćö

9- Ginger: It has antibacterial properties that will help you both prevent and fight colds. It will also help you improve your digestion.

10- Pear: Pears are known to help hydrate the mucous membranes, therefore, consuming it could help you. ūüćź

But remember that, although today we have focused on food, you should not leave aside the fundamental pillars to be healthy. It is useless for us to have a diet of 10 if we do not stay active, practice physical exercise, have mental health and feel good about ourselves. Take care! ūüíö

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