One of the things I find most in consultation during the summer months is the worry about losing control, messing up all the work we've been doing for months, going back to start point and back.

If you feel identified with these feelings, I recommend that you continue reading, stop and reflect.

All the work you have been doing during this time is to improve your habits, to feel better, with more energy, to improve your health, to make these habits become your lifestyle, accompany you forever, wherever you are and of course, also in summer and on vacation!

When we understand this, everything changes.

We stop doing things out of obligation, we stop believing that it is about following a plan for a limited period of time and then forgetting.

We have internalized this lifestyle as our day to day, something that we enjoy and that we want to take wherever we are with us.

Similarly, we understand that when you want to do things right, panic sets in and that is why today we want to bring you 10 tips to continue with your routine in summer:

  • Get organized. Improvising, from time to time, is fine, but it is important that, if you are starting in this lifestyle, you do not leave anything to chance. Organizing your meals will help you avoid being tempted by uninteresting options because you may not have certain foods in your pantry.

  • Be proactive. Anticipate any unforeseen event. Put the training bands in your suitcase, some healthy snacks, look at the restaurant menu before you go, anticipate at what time of the day you will be able to take out 20 minutes for yourself, to move, to disconnect and at the same time connect with yourself.

  • Stay active during your vacation. Take the opportunity to visit the city on foot or by bike. It will help you to discover many places, to move and without even realizing it, you will reach the minimum number of recommended daily steps. If you're at the beach, instead of spending the whole day lying on the towel, take advantage of nothing and go for a walk in front of the sea.

  • Take advantage of the summer feeding. In summer we have great fruit like watermelon or melon. Foods that, in addition to being delicious, are super nutritious, low in calories and that help us to use them as a snack or dessert.

  • Rest. It is just as important to take care of our diet, our training or our mind as rest. Take advantage of these days to rest, to recharge batteries to be able to do things more calmly and gather strength to come back with more enthusiasm!

  • Eat slowly, mindfully. Go out to eat and enjoy every bite. Opt for good options such as fresh salads, gazpachos, grilled meat or fish, tartars... and be aware of what you eat. Eating slowly and mindfully will help you stay more satiated and prevent you from ending up eating more than you need.

  • Hydrate yourself properly. A very good way to do this is to always have a bottle of water on hand. Also take the opportunity to avoid sugary drinks or alcohol in your meals and do it with water, infusions, sparkling water, sugar-free soft drinks or non-alcoholic drinks ūüėĀ

  • Understand that this is your lifestyle. Enjoy every moment, don't overwhelm yourself and understand that what really defines you is what you do 90% of your time.

  • Always have a healthy snack on hand.A good example is having fresh fruit, nuts, crudit√©s (sliced ‚Äč‚Äčcarrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes‚Ķ), protein powder (remember that our 125gr jars are ideal to take everywhere and you can make a delicious milkshake protein and even a super healthy ice cream), our Willy's, sugar-free dark chocolate covered peanuts and Protellitos will also help you satisfy your sweet tooth

  • Enjoy and come back stronger than ever from your vacation!
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