Delicious Creams with Protein

Pack "Best Sellers Cream"

Protein creams

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Protella¬ģ Choco Hazelnut 250g

Muscle recovery


Protella¬ģ White Choco 250g

Pleasant nutrition


Protella¬ģ Black Cookie 250g

Enjoy healthy


Protella American Cookie 250gr

Indulge without guilt


Protella¬ģ Strawberry Cheesecake 250g

Cheesecake-flavored nutrition


Protella¬ģ BonBon Crisp 250g

Pleasure and performance


Protella¬ģ Pistachio Bomb 200g

70% pistachio


Joe's Peanut Butter 350g

100% peanut


Peach Marmalade 170g

72% fruit


Strawberry Marmalade 170g

72% fruit


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