Nuts have suffered a fame they do not deserve and have also been given a series of myths. If there is something that stands out in nuts apart from the amount of fiber and protein they contain (more present in some than in others) it is that are excellent sources of healthy fats.

But does the simple fact of being a food with a high percentage of healthy fats mean that they are unhealthy? Absolutely not.

Nuts have a common characteristic and that is that they contain less than 50% water and it is one of the foods with the best quality of plant-based nutrients.

That a food is more or less caloric does not mean that it is more or less healthy, what we have to be clear about is the composition of that food. If we focus on nuts, we know that they are a more caloric food, but because of their high fat content. 1 gram of fat supposes 9kcal compared to 1 gram of carbohydrates or protein that give us 4kcal but this fat is just as necessary as the rest of the macronutrients.

The main problem is the criminalization that fats have suffered in our society. People hear the word fat and they already have to put their hands in their heads, to think that it is a "bad food" but we have to know that saturated fats have nothing to do with them, those that come from foods such as pastries industrial, with the healthy fats contained in nuts, oily fish...

Consuming healthy sources of fat such as nuts will help prevent cardiovascular diseases, good hormonal health, to feel more satiated, to avoid cardiovascular diseases.

The nuts themselves will not be the ones that will make us fat, what will make us fat will be a bad consumption of them or that we exceed our daily requirements.

There are many ways to consume nuts and the ones we should avoid are the fried, caramelized, sugared, salted with honey versions... and we should prioritize raw, roasted and nut-shaped nuts. cream where 100% of that cream or a large proportion is the nut in question.

Therefore, it is a food that well consumed, will help us fight overweight and at the same time have a healthy eating pattern.

It is common for people to go to see the labels and when they see that a cream of nuts has more than 600 kcal they panic thinking that this food is "very fattening" but it is not.

Being such a caloric food, its satiating power will be higher and with a teaspoon, about 10 ‚Äď 15gr you will be covering your requirements while being consuming a superfood.

Furthermore, by consuming this type of product, it is very possible that we are replacing much less interesting foods since, for example, if we make a bowl of kefir with red fruits and nuts, we will feel so satiated, nourished and realized that we will not need to consume other less interesting products that due to their high amounts of sugar, saturated fats and additives, the only thing they do is generate the need to want to consume more.

As curious… Did you know that peanuts are not a nut?

Peanuts are a legume, but their proteins and characteristics, nutritionally speaking, are very similar to that nuts contain, which is why most dietitians / nutritionists include them in this area

One of the main questions we ask ourselves when it comes to reducing our meat consumption is where to get the necessary proteins for our correct diet.

Although there are numerous vegetable sources that we can turn to, nuts are one of the most recommended and healthy. To finish, we leave you a ranking of the nuts with more protein per 100gūüĎá

Los frutos secos con más proteína vegetal


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